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Control over who has access to your home or business

Access systems are a way to help you feel safe about your home. When you are walking up to your front door at night, it can be difficult to carry groceries and a baby, and hold on to all your other possessions while putting the key in the door.


Keyless entry solves this problem by making it possible for you to get in without fumbling for your keys. Even more concerning is if you are trying to get into your home and someone is following close behind. You will be able to get in easier with a keyless access system in place.


Telephone entry systems for residential and commercial buildings are another way to make sure of a safer entrance. With the uncertainty of today's world, have a peace of mind knowing that there is an extra layer of security in place.

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Security for the future

Other products for access security

We also provide you with card access and card readers for your home or business which is another way to control access. We work with federal or local government to help them with their security.


Protect what matters most

In addition to keyless entry and card readers, we have several other access system products to help you amp up the security. These include intercoms, key-fob access, touch pad access and commercial and residential full security systems.


Our other services

We can service any type of security or access system product you have. If you need repairs on the security systems of your home or business, just give us a call. We can install any type of security you need and offer free estimates.

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