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Fire safety is a very important part of the security of your home or busy. A fire detected early can be taken care of before it causes any real damage. Fire systems also make sure everyone knows in time to get out and avoid injury.


There are many types of fire system products you can have installed. The most common are smoke alarms, smoke detectors, and monitors. These are your first line of defense against a fire, which can spread rapidly once it starts.


In addition to these types of detectors, there are also heat detectors that can tell the alarm about fire alerts, as well as hardwired and wireless fire systems.

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We provide fire systems for the local and federal governments to help keep their buildings safe. We are proud of our commercial contracts and pride ourselves on customer service.


In addition to installing your fire systems and testing them, we can also perform maintenance on them. If you are in need of a repair on your fire system, whether it is for your home or business, give us a call. We can give you a free estimate and quality service.


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We firmly stand behind our products and our customer service. We have been in the business of security for many years and know what it takes.

Smoke inhalation kills more

people than the actual fire


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